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Team Managers Section

Welcome Team Managers

We would like to thank our team managers for volunteering their time and efforts this season to help keep our teams organized and on the ice.

We have created this section of our website to make the tasks and jobs easier.

In this section you will find team manager news, procedures, and information to help you.  

We also have a link below to the documents you will need in constructing the team books, and other team operations.

Preparing for the game

On game day, you will need to do the following:

1.  Make sure you have a score sheet or the other team has arranged for one.  

2.  Make sure your labels appropriately reflect the team's roster.  If a player is out, scratch through the player's name on the sheet.  If a player is added, insure the name and number are added to the roster. If a player plays who is not listed on the score sheet, a two-minute penalty will be assessed. 

3. Coordinate jersey colors with the opposing team.  Generally, the home team wears dark jerseys.  However, some organizations have only one color jersey and most tournaments will dictate jersey colors.  

4.  Assign a parent to the penalty box.  This person should understand that they are considered an official while in the box and should not be a boisterous parent with a reputation for loud cheering or disputing referee's calls. 

5. Lock the locker room while the team is on the ice.

Obtaining Referees and Scorekeepers for a Game

Once the date and time of the game are known, please send an email to Robyn Long with the following information: (1) the date, time and location of the game: (2) the youth division, such as squirt, peewee, etc.; (3) the length of the game; and (4) whether only referees are needed or whether a scorekeeper is needed as well. 

Misty Herbstritt

Referee and Scorekeeper Coordinator

Obtaining Payment for a Tournament

Please print the tournament application and send a copy of the application, the 1-T Roster and any other documents required by the tournament to Brynn Minnock.  She will send the papers and payment directly to the tournament director.  Please allow 7 days for processing. 

Steve Jensen


Banquet Preparations

Generally, each team will prepare a short, three to five minute video reminiscing about the past season.  This is usually a collection of photographs or slide show set to music.  Team managers are advised to assign a parent early in the season to collect photographs. 

In formulating the team's budget, each player is issued one ticket for a player plus one ticket for a parent.  The board will set the cost of additional tickets once the estimated cost of the banquet is determined.  Team managers will be advised of the cost and asked to collect the money and distribute the tickets.  

Credential Book

One of the most important parts of the teams off ice needs is the credentials book.. This is the book that contains all the necessary documents for games and tournaments all season. It is essential to a tier team to have this in the right format, order, and up to date. It will be reviewed closely for District and National events.


Documents needed by the team, organization, and USA hockey during the course of a season.